Nerine laticoma -

Nerine laticoma
© Photos Loukie Viljoen

Nerine laticoma, member of the Amaryllidaceae, Afrikaans names include, Vleilelie (vlei = mars, lelie = lily), seeroogbol (sore eyes bulb), gifbol (poison bulb), jeukui (itch onion), misryblom (manure spread flower).
This is the most attractive member of the well known Nerine family, as hundreds of plants adorn depressions, in particular, in the calcareous plains beside rivers with conspicuous stands after good rains. For this reason it is regarded as a vlei lily.
The Afrikaans name seeroogbol ('sore-eye plant') refers to the incredible beauty of the flowers which can cause sore eyes because on cannot stop looking at them. The late summer flowering season reminds farmers it is time to fertilise their vineyards again, hence the name misryblom ('ride fertiliser flower').
When it becomes too much of a temptation to remove the bulbs of these attractive flowers, it becomes an 'itching bulb' (jeukui) due to the calcium oxalate crystals on the scales of the bulb.
Shortly after good rainfalls from mid to late summer, the floral umbels grow to a height of about 500 mm. An umbel is composed of many white flowers with a red stripe on each petal. A broad whorl of leaves only appears when the umbels are in full bloom. These attractive flowers are very poisonous for livestock.
The outer scales of the bulb are good for treating sores on the skin.
I have added a photo of the environment so you can see where they grow. Enjoy.

Nerine laticoma est la plus séduisante espèce du genre Nerine. Des centaines de plantes ornent les dépressions, en particulier, dans les plaines calcaires le long des rivières, où l'humidité persiste après les fortes pluies. Rapidement après les pluies de mi et de fin d'été les ombelles apparaissent, à une hauteur d'environ 50 cm. Les nombreuses fleurs sont marquées d'une raie rouge sur chaque pétales. Les feuilles se développent une fois la plante fleurie.
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