Hymenocallis naturalised in the Seychelles

Hymenocallis - the Seychelles
© Photo Mme Dany De Coninck

Hymenocallis caribaea photographié aux Seychelles.
Hymenocallis caribaea photographied in the Seychelles.

Thanks to Kevin Preuss and Dave Lehmiller for this identification :
" it looks like the true H. caribaea which I saw on the Florida Keys on the beach. " (K.P.)
" The Hymenocallis is the same one I observed growing along the beaches [in the Seychelles]. It is a naturalized alien of recent origin -- Baker did not list any Hymenocallis in his 1877 book, nor any Pancratium. " (D.L.)
See : D.J. Lehmiller, 1988. Crinum of the Seychelles and Mauritius. Herbertia. 44(1): 13-16. [" many beach on Mahe are currently rank with Hymenocallis, probably H. caribaea."]

See a Crinum of the Sheychelles here.

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