Crinum from the Seychelles

Crinum of the Seychelles
© Photo Mme Dany De Coninck

Ce Crinum photographié aux Seychelles est le Crinum x augustum au sens de Baker (Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles). (Cependant il existe un débat nomenclatural autour de cette espèce : C. x augustum ou C. x amabile ?)
Crinum x augustum photographied in the Seychelles.
Thanks to Dave Lehmiller for his identification : " The Crinum in your photo from the Seychelles is C.x augustum per Baker's account in his Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles [1877]; I observed it in bloom during my 1988 visit. However, there is a taxonomy debate as to what bulb constitutes C.x augustum and what is C.x amabile. I have friends (particularly Thad Howard) who would classify the Seychelles bulb in your photo as C.x amabile rather than C.x augustum, and today I would probably agree. It is a sterile triploid hybrid of unknown origin, a cross between subgenus Crinum and subgenus Codonocrinum, widely distributed around the world in the subtropics "
Here is an Hymenocallis, from the Seychelles too.

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