Milne-Redhead, G. 1939. Correct spelling of Boophone. Herbertia, 6: 145.


Boöphone Herb. App. 18 (1821). There has been a great difference
of opinion as to the correct spelling of this generic name, the incorrect
spelling Buphane having been used more than any other. Herbert's
original spelling was Boophane. Since his first species was Haemanthus
Linn. f., Bot. Mag. t. 1217, which is there stated to be fatal to
horned cattle, it is clear that Wittstein's, derivation from βους* = ox and
Φονη* = murder is correct. The spelling phane therefore, is without
doubt an unintentional orthographic error and should be corrected to
phone under Article 70 of the International Rules of Botanical Nomen-
clature, a correction which Herbert himself made in 1825 (Bot. Mag.
post t. 2606) when he spelt the name Buphone. There is however no
justification under the International Rules for his altering Boo to Bu,
since the former is the uncontracted stem of βους*. Marloth's derivation
(FI. S. Afr. 4. 115 1915) of the name " Bupho " (i. e. Bufo) = toad
is an uninspired guess.
G. Milne-Redhead.
The Herbarium,
Royal Botanic Gardens,

* typographie de l'article (qui n'a pu être reproduite fidèlement ici):
βους avec un tilde sur υ
Φονη avec accent grave sur η.