Ismene deflexa Herbert

Biblio : Edwards


Edwards's Botanical Register, v.25 p.88 misc.142. 1839.

Page 88
142. ISMENE deflexa. Folia subpedalia acuta 1¾ unc. lata viridia basi cylin- draceo-vaginantia, scapus anceps, spatha marcescens tubum biuncialem pallidč virentem curvatulum vix ęquans, limbus albus reflexus vix 4-uncialis sepalis angustis mucrone petala obtusa parum latiora superantibus, corona ampla horizontalis laciniis duabus inferioribus adpressa triuncialis lobis recurvis lacero-truncatis dentibus filiformibus alba fundum versus virens, filamenta alba 1¼ unc. vel ultra, superiora pendulč ori coronę adpressa, inferiora conni- ventia, stylus coronam 2 unc. superans stigmate parvulo. Planta Ismeni calathinę similis odore subgrato. In jugo montium Peruvię San Mateo dicto. - W. H. A bulb of this new species of Ismene, found by J. Mac- lean, Esq. on the Quebrada de San Mateo at the elevation of 10,984 feet, flowered in the greenhouse at Spofforth in July, 1839, having been potted in white sand with a small admix- ture of light loam, in consequence of the bulbs having been recognized as a species of Ismene by their appearance. It forms a connecting link between the original species of Ismene and the genus Elisena, by the adpression of its cup to the lower segments of the limb, and the greater length of the filaments, of which the three upper instead of dipping into the cup lie across its mouth. Elisena longipetala has pre- cisely the growth and habit of an Ismene, and a bulb of ringens (P. ringens of Ruiz) lately received from Lima, has entirely the aspect and habit of I. calathina, with a sheathing column, contrary to the representation in the Flora Peruviana. A variety of I. amancaes has the lobes of the cup united, so as to form an entire margin, projecting beyond the point of the insertion of the filaments. It seems therefore very probable, that, when better understood, the genus Elisena will merge in Ismene. Every Ismene delights in white sand, every Hymenocallis in strong alluvial soil, and immer- sion in water. - W. H.

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