Caliphruria hartwegiana

Biblio : Curtis


Baker J.G. 1876. Curtis's Botanical Magazine, v.102 ser.3 n.32, Tab.6259.

= Caliphruria hartwegiana Herbert, 1844.

Caliphruria hartwegiana, Curtis tab.6259
Illustration : W. Fitch.
TAB. 6259.


Native of New Granada.
Nat. Ord. AMARYLLIDACEĈ.-Tribe PANCRATIEĈ. Genus CALLIPHRURIA, Herbert, (Kunth. Enum. Pl. vol. v. p. 692).

CALLIPHRURIA Hartwegiana; bulbo ovoideo stolonifero, tunicis brunneis mem- branaceis, foliis oblongo-spathulatis acutis firmis glabris viridibus distincte petiolatis, caule tereti pedali, umbellis 6-8-floris, bracteis parvis linearibus membranaceis, pedicellis flore brevioribus, ovario globoso, perianthii albi tubo infundibulari segmentis oblongis ĉquilongo, staminibus limbo bre- vioribus, stylo exserto apice stigmatoso distincte tricuspidato. C. Hartwegiana, Herbert in Bot. Beg. 1844, Misc. no. 83; Kunth. Enum. Pl. vol. v. p. 692).
This plant is still the only known species of the genus. Of familiar types it comes nearest Eucharis and Eurycles, but besides the technical distinction, which depends mainly on the stamens (which here are constructed on the same plan as in the section Porrum of the genus Allium, but all six quite uniform), our plant is constructed throughout upon a smaller scale, with firmer narrower leaves, and flowers not above an inch in diameter when expanded. It was discovered by Hartweg about 1842, amongst the mountains of the province of Bogota in New Granada, and has lately been imported by Mr. William Bull, from one of whose specimens the present figure was made in July, 1874. DESCR. Bulb ovoid, an inch thick, copiously stoloniferous, with brown membranous tunics. Leaves about four in a rosette, cotemporary with the flowers, oblong-spathulate, acute, firm and rather coriaceous in texture, bright green, glabrous, narrowed into a distinct petiole two to three inches long, which is flat on the face and rounded on the back. Scape terete, about a foot long; umbels 6-8-flowered; bracts small, membranous, linear; pedicels one half to three fourths

of an inch long. Perianth white, funnel-shaped, an inch long, the oblong segments, which spread almost horizon- tally when fully expanded, as long as the tube. Stamens six, inserted on the same level at the throat of the tube. Filaments petaloid, with three large linear teeth at the top, the middle one of which bears the yellow ligulate versatile anther. Ovary globose; ovules two to three in a cell. Style filiform, exserted, straight, distinctly tricuspidate at the stigmatose tip. - J. G. Baker.
Fig. 1, Entire flower cut open; 2, a single anther; 3, horizontal section of ovary : - all magnified.

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