Calostemma luteum Sims

Biblio : Curtis


Curtis's Botanical Magazine, v.46, t.2101. 1819.

Calostemma luteum, Curtis tab.2101
Illustration : J. Curtis.
Class and Order. HEXANDRIA MONOGYNIA. Generic Character.
Corolla supera, infundibuliformis, limbo sexpartito. Nec- tarium tubulosum, ore 12-dentato, dentibus alternis subu- latis antheriferis. Antherę versatiles. Germen 1-loculare, 2-3-spermum. Stylus filiformis. Stigma obtusum. Bacca [Capsula] sphęrica, 1-2-sperma.
Specific Character.
CALOSTEMMA luteum ; foliis lineari-loratis, nectario subintegro inter stamen utrumque bidenticulato.
However readily this plant and the preceding are dis- tinguished by the colour of the flowers, it is not easy to find specific distinguishing characters. The corolla of luteum is somewhat larger and less connivent; but the principal difference exists in the nectarium, which, at least in the few specimens that we had an opportunity of examining, had a margin more entire, not divided into so distinct lacinię, or if the smaller indentations can be considered as lacinię, the filament rises from the sinus between the lacinię and not from the middle of the lacinia as in purpureum. But we must acknowledge that we have not examined a sufficient number of flowers to be certain that this distinction will always hold good. If not, the colour of the flowers alone makes it probable that they are not mere varieties; for it has been doubted whether purple flowers ever vary to yellow in the same species; the few instances in which this variation has been supposed to take place being uncertain. There are six bright crimson spots on the base of the nectarium which show through the interstices between the outer lacinię.

This plant was found on the same expedition as the pre- ceding, and bulbs of both species were sent to the botanical garden, belonging to the Apothecaries Company, at Chelsea, by BARRON FIELD, Esq. Judge of the supreme court of civil judicature in New-South-Wales ; where our drawing of the present plant was taken, and both sorts flowered, under the management of Mr. ANDERSON, in great perfection.

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