Calostemma purpureum

Biblio : Curtis


Cunningham ?. 1819. Curtis's Botanical Magazine, v.46.

= Calostemma purpureum R. Brown, 1810.

Calostemma purpureum, Curtis tab.2100
Illustration : J. Curtis.
Class and Order. HIEXANDRIA MONOGYNIA. Generic Character.
Cor. supera, infundibuliformis, limbo 6-partito. Nectarium tubulosum, ore 12-dentato : dentibus alternis subulatis anthe- riferis. Antheræ versatiles. Germen 1-loculare, 2-3-sper- mum. Stylus filiformis. Stigma obtusum. Bacca [Capsula] sphærica, 1-2-sperma. BROWN, (mutatis terminis.)
Specific Character and Synonyms.
CALOSTEMMA purpureum ; foliis lineari-loratis, nectario sub- sexfido: laciniis tridentatis, dente intermedio staminifero. CALOSTEMMA purpureum ; scapo florido foliis lineari-loratis præcociore, coronæ dentibus sterilibus triangularibus. Brown Prodr. p. 298.
DESC. Bulb roundish. Leaves narrow, thong-like, obtuse, concave towards the base. Scape about two feet high, somewhat flattened, filled with juicy pith. Flowers purple, growing in an umbel of about sixteen, on pedicles from an inch and half to half an inch long. Corolla funnel-shaped : tube grooved, shorter than the limb, which is obovate-concave, obtuse with a small mucro. Nectarium or crown, tubular, shorter than the limb, greenish, margin divided into six superficial laciniæ terminated with three small teeth : the middle one bearing the filament. The divisions are generally superficial, but sometimes one or more of them extend far down the nectarium. Stamens hardly equaling the corolla : anthers, ovate. Germen inferior, globular, one-celled with two ovula, one of which is generally abortive. Style a little longer than the stamens. Stigma simple. Capsule one-seeded. Seed large, smooth, oval or spherical.

We were favoured with the plant from which our drawing was taken by EDWARD BARNARD, Esq. of the Colonial Depart- ment, who flowered it in July last, at Bexly in Kent, by setting the pot halfway up in water. The bulb was imported from New South Wales in 1817 It was discovered in the expedition to the south-westward from Port Jackson, beyond the blue mountains, and was sent to Mr. BARNARD, together with a drawing by Mr. LEWIN, under the name of PANCRATIUM Macquaria, given to it in honour of the Governor of New South Wales. But Mr. ROBERT BROWN, had long before found the same species upon Mount Brown, at the head of Spencer's gulf on the south-west side of New Holland, and published it in his Prodromus, as above quoted, under the name which we have adopted.

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