Herbert W.
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"Callithauma ?" Herb. Amaryllidaceae 225. 1837.
CALLITHAUMA ? - Bulb oblong cylindrical; leaves ensiform;
limb patent; crown equal to, filaments exceeding,
the limb. Not sufficiently known to enable a perfect
generic character to be made, but seemingly distinct
from all other known plants.
1. Viridiflorum. - Pancratium viridiflorum. Flor. Per.
3. 55. Bulb a palm and half long ; leaves long,
flat, suberect, diverging: scape the height of a
man, or 6 feet ; Spathe with a white deciduous
bracte to each flower; flowers 4-5, large, beau-
tiful, entirely emerald green - enormous ; seg-
ments of the limb acuminate. Plentiful in the
woods of Huassahuassi, and on the headlands and
stony place of Palca in Peru. Ruiz's specimens
of this marvellous plant were lost by shipwreck. It
is barely possible that it may be an Ismene, but
very improbable.
2 ? Spathulatum. - Bulb large, round ; leaves thick,
coriaceous, dark green, petiolated, spatulate, de-
ciduous ; scape said to be a yard high ; flowers
large, green. Imported by Richard Harrison, Esq.
having been dug from a mountain said to be 500
miles east of Truxillo, but the distance is probably
exaggerated. It is probably of a separate genus,
intermediate between this plant and Leperiza, with
which it agrees in the form of the leaf. It has
dwindled in many collections, but thrives pretty
well with me in loam. It has not flowered in Eu-
rope, nor has any specimen of the flower been re-
ceived. It seems to like heat.

57. CALOSTEMMA. - ...