Herbert W. 1837. Amaryllidaceae

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Herbert 1837

EUSTEPHIA. Cavanilles.

This genus must be erased, as not existing in truth ; the generic character being obscurely worded, and supported by a figure of the plant which I do not hesitate to pronounce fundamentally erroneous, both as to the extraordinary fila- ments there represented, and the pits in the tube under their point of insertion. I have no doubt that the plant intended was a Phycella, with appendages at the mouth of the tube, which have been incorrectly transferred to the mouth of the limb and fastened on the extremity of the filaments; and the tube of the. flower, injudiciously called in the text a pit, has been multiplied into six pits under the several filaments, where it is almost impossible that such cavities should be placed. If such had existed, they would have been between the filaments. I apprehend that the author must have for- gotten the precise intention of his own notes on the plant, and framed the figure from erroneous recollection drawn from his notes, and not from the plant itself, and I aM con- fident that the representation given will never be verified.

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