Rafinesque, Flora Telluriana


4e partie, 1838.
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808. AULICA Raf. diff. Amaryllis. Cor. sepalis 6 ineq. ringens, ineq. stain. ineq. declin. glandulis angul. ad basi stam et stylo, stig. 3 acutis, caps 3gona. Scapo tereto 2fl. - Although the G. Amaryllis has been so much reformed by the English botanists, it includes yet many anomalous sp. since Hooker in 1834 gives it 6 variable characters Cor. subeq. vel. ringens ! fauce nuda vel squam ! stam. declin vel recta ! what absurdity ! The Am. aulica and akin sp. must form a peculiar group, of which I will give 2 types. 1. A. latifolia R. fol. latis ligulatis obt. Brazil, large scarlet flowers. The Amar. aulica of Hook. b. m. 3311 - 2. A. striata Raf. fol. angustis glaucis viridi-striatis. fig. bot. mag. 2983 - A. platypetala fig. by Lindl. 1038 is a 3d sp.
809. PLECTRONEMA R. (spur fil.) cor. basi tubul. limbo 6part. subeq. stam. 6. subeq. fil. curvis basi intus calcaratis, antheris lanceol. stylo declinato, stigma trilobo. Scapis 1fl - The G. Zephyranthes taken from Amaryllis must itself form 5 Genera, the real Zephyranthes with smooth stamens. 2. Atamasco Ad. with short tube, equal fl. and stam. 3d. Pogonema with bearded filaments, type Z. or P. carinata, and 4th this with spured filaments. Type P. Candida (Z. do sims b. m. 2607. Amar. do bot. reg. 724) fol. lin. canal. crassis. Buenos Ayres. The 5th G. is the next.
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810. MESOCHLOA R. diff. Zephiranthes, cor. campanul. 6partita sine tubo, basi connivens, stam. 3 longior subeq. 3 minor, antheris renif. stig. 3 clavata - Type M. canaliculata R. (Zeph. mesochloa Herb. in bot. reg. 1361.) fol. canalic, acutis, spatha lanc. ad artic. scapo, ovario turbin.... Buenos Ayres, fl. white, bulb black. - The G. Haylockia of Herbert differs by 3 stamens only on sepals, fl. tubular at base: it thus belong to Irides instead of Amaryllides, type H. pusilla of B. Ayres, fol. lin. filif. fl. radicalis ochroleucis.
811. TRISACARPIS Raf. diff. Amaryllis, cor. 6part. ineq. tubo breviss. ad basis intus corona calyptrata supera, stam. declin. ineq. filif. stig. 3 capsula magna triloba ad basis triscata, sem. dupl. series plana alata. scapo 2floro. - Very singular and distinct G. so much blended with Amaryllis that a sp. of it was called A. aulica ! 3 types at least. 1. Tr. Falcata Raf. (A. calyptrata, bot. reg. 164 &c) fol. falcatis lanceol. calyptra triangularis. Cape, fl. green. - 2 Tr. rubra R. (A. aulica ker. bot. reg. 444 !) fol. lanc. rectis, calyptra cuculata, sepalis rubris lanc. 2 ovatis acum. infero involuto. Brazil - 3 Tr. psittacina (A. do. auct.)
812. EUSARCOPS Raf. diff. Amaryllis, cor. campanul. ineq. basi tubul. stam. adscendens ineq. stigma clavato. caps. baccata 3loc. sem. baccata paucis globosa nigra in arillis rubris involutis. Scapo multifl. umbell - Type E. reticulata R. (Am. do L'Her red. 424. Andr. 179. b. m. 657. b. reg. 352) fol. cuneatis basi canalic. medio albo vittatis, umb. multifl. bract. obl. fl. nutans roseis reticulatis. Brazil, a striking G. by the fruit, yet often figured as an Amaryllis.
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813. LATICOMA R. diff. Amaryllis, cor. 6 part. unilateralis, stam. declin. remotis filif. stig. 3loba polysperma. Scapo fl. umbellatis - Type L. compressa Raf. (Am. laticoma E. b. reg. 497.) fol. loricatis, scapo compresso scabro, umb. multifl. S. Africa fine sp. with habit of Brunsvigia. fl. incarnate, sepals with a red nerve. This G. is akin to the Lycoris of Herbert, the L. or Am. radiata has also unilateral petals (only 5 ! undul. in the fig. b. mag. 596.) but the stamens are cuneate &c, is it also a N. G ? Pleurastis Raf.
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833. ABAPUS Ad. Papiria Th. not Lam. diff. Gethylis, perig. limbo 8-18part. stam. 8-18, stig. 3lobo, bacca 3locul. - Types A. spiralis Raf. Pap. do. Th. Gethylis afra auct. b. reg. 1016. fol. lin. spiral. glabr. S. Africa. The real Gethylis has only 6 stamens, and berry uniloc. both have habit of Colchicum, and the ovary partly adherent forming with Hemanthus &c, the family of Gethylides differing from Narcissides as do the Asparagoides from Asphodelides, by having berries.
834. LEUCODESMIS Raf. diff. Haemanthus, perig. cor. infund. limbo 6part. erecto stam. 6 exertis ineq. filif. stig. 3fido, bacca 3loc. 3sp. - Type L. pubescens R. Haem. do Ait. L. b. reg. 382. albiflos Jaq. W. b. mag. 1239. fol. obov. ciliatis puberis, invol. 5phyl. ineq. ovatis viridis, fl. albis congestis. S. Africa. - The African G. Haemanthus contains several anomalous sp. merely united by the habit: the real has stam. equal erect, cor. tubular.
835. SCADOXUS R. (umb. glor.) diff. Haemanthus, cor. limbo patulo, stam. ineq. adscendentibus. Umbellis multifl. pedunc. articulatis - Type Sc. multiflorus R. Haem. do L. auct. often figured. fol. ellipt. acutis concavis. invol. fl. brevior. West Africa.
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836. PERIHEMA R. (around bloody) diff. Haemanthus, cor. infund. basi 6gibbosa inflata, stam 6. filif. equalis exertis. stig. obtuso, Capsula 3loc. 3sp. fol. binis, invol. urceol, 8part. ineq. colorato, fl. inclusis. - Type P. coarctata R. Haem. do Jaq. W. b. reg. 181. fol. ellipt. obt. scapo crasso punctato, invol. rubro amplo, lac. ut foliis. S. Africa, fl. incarnate, anthers yellow ovate. This G. and the next having capsules instead of berries do not even belong to the same family of Gethylides, but to Crinides.
837. SERENA R. (Nymph) diff. Perihema, cor. turbinata 6fida stam. 6 eq. stig. 3lobo, capsula 3loc. 3sp. fol. binis, invol. spathaceo, umbella brevior. - Type 1. S. carnea R. Haemanthus do Ed. b. reg. 509. fol. subrot. hirsutis, spatha sphacelata reflexa, stam. inclusis, cor. carneis, obl. obt. R. - 2 S. lancifolia R. Haem. do. Jaq. sch. 80. W. auct. fol. lanceol. glabris ciliatis, spatha brevis, stam. exertis, corolla patens. Perhaps a sub G. both of S. Africa.
838. NARCISSUS Raf. non auct. This beautiful G. included a crowd of sp. with very variable cup or inner corolla, that must form at least 6 G. I restrict the real Narcissus to those with - cup campanul. 6fid. including N. odorus, pseudo, minor &c. - Several monographs of the linnean Narcissus have been given by Bellendeu, Salisbury, Ker, Smith, Lumark &c, which see for sp.
839. AUTOGENES R. diff. Narcissus, cup rotate membranose, entire or crenate - such as A. poeticus, angustif, biflorus, tenuior &c.
840. JONQUILLA R. diff. Narcissus, cup campanulate plicate crisp or crenulate - such as J. odora
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(Narc. jonquilla,) tazetta, bicolor, major, incomparabilis, trilobus, viridiflora &c.
841. CALATHINUS R. diff. Narcissus, cup campanul. crenate stam. 6 ineq. 3 brevior - such as 1 C. cernuus (Narc. do Sal. pyrenaicus Pers. triandrus L.) 2 Serotinus, 3 multiflorus. N. calathinus auct..
843. MOSKERION R. diff. Narcissus, cup. cylindrical sulcate crenate - Type 1. M. moschatum Raf. Narc. do auct. 2 hispanicum Narc. do Gouan. Vitm. Erion, Calathinus, Autogenes were Greek names of Narcissus.
844. CODIAMINUM R (Plinius name) diff. N. cup large funnel form, petals linear, stamens and style declinata. - Very distinct G. types 3 sp. blended in Narc. bulbocodium by Authors. C. montanus, C. minimus &c, see Salisbury. - The G. Barbacenia and my Pleurostima 368 are very near to Narcissides, connecting with the section of Pancratides that have stamens monadelphous or united to the cup.
845. PANCRATIUM Raf. non auct. This Linnean G. was equaly inconsistent as Narcissus and 3 Genera have already been removed from it Abapus, Ismene, Eurycles. I shall divide it into 9, and my real Pancratium has the cup or Nectary or inner corolla campanulate with 18 equal teeth, 6 stamens alt. with 2 teeth rising from those opposite to petals. - Such are P. maritimum, carolinianum, zeylanicum, 4 liriosme Raf. fl. lud. 5, amenum Sal. And. rep. 556 which is P. declinatum Jaq. &c. The linnean Pancratium only differed from Narcissus by the cup bearing the stamens, both form the real family of NARCISSIDES with a double corolla, the akin G. with a single corolla form the
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family of CRINIDES, and those with unequal or irregular stamens the AMARYLIDES, all of the Natural Order YMNODIA.
846. NEMEPIODON R. cup. campanul. 12dentate, 6 alt. teeth bearing the stamens - such as N. mexicanus, caribeum, speciosum Sal. Red. 156 (N. carib. b. m. 826.)
874 "847". ISMENE Herbert, diff. Pancratium, cor. with a long tube, cup campanulate 12lobed, crenulate, stamens declinate inserted inside. - Type I. amancaes, Narcissus do R. P. 283. Pers. Pancrat. do bot. reg. 600. fine G. of S. Amer. quite distinct.
848. EURYCLES Sal. 1812. Proiphis Herb. 1821, Stemonix Raf. 1833. diff. Pancratium cup 6parted, dentate, stam. inserted inside - several sp. of Polynesia and Australia blended as P. amboinense L. Crinum nervosum Lher. Amaryllis rotundif. Lam... Hooker reckons 3 sp. E. australis, sylvatica and Cunninghami figured in b. mag. 3399.
849. ZOUCHIA Raf. diff. Pancratium. cup. with 6 bifid segments, stamens in the sines - Type Z. illyrica Raf. Pancr. do auct. often figured. Zouchi is the illyrian name.
850. TOMODON R. (cut teeth) diff. Pancratium, cup rotate or camp. 6lobed multifid, teeth unequal irregular, style declinate. - Types 1. T. rotatum Raf. Pancr. do b. mag. 827 Sm. &c 2. T. floridanum R. rotatum Lec. 3 T. riparium Raf. P. mexic. Lec. 4 coronarium Raf. Pancr. do Lec. 5 pratense Raf. P. occid. Lec. see my monograph of this G. in New Flora.
851. SIPHOTOMA R. (tube cut) diff. Pancratium, cup cylindrical multifid, stamens unequal, 3 alt. shorter. - Type S. calathina Raf. Pancr. do. b. mag. 1561. Sm. &c.
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852. BRAXIREON R. (short Ireon) diff. Pancratium, cup quite cuplike short 6fid as in Narcissus, but bearing the stamens. - Type Br. humile R. Pancr. do Cav. 207. Pers. &c.
853. TROXISTEMON R. diff. Pancratium, cup rotate 6dentate, teeth bearing the stamens, sinusses emarginate or undulate, petals narrow recurved. - Types Tr. littorale and fragrans.
854. LIRIAMUS R. (sand lily) diff. Crinum, sepalis unguic, Ovario infero, filam. sctam. basi gibbosis, fl. umbel. - Type L. 5florus Raf. Crinum arenarium Hook. b. mag. 2531. fol. striatis, scapo 5floro. Australia. The G. Crinum had also been widely mistaken, since Agapanthus with free ovary had been united to it, besides this G. and the next.
855. SCADIANUS R. atl. J. 1833 (blue umbel) diff. Agapanthus, cor. tubo fusif. limbo camp. 6fid. lacinis canalicul. 3 latior obt. 3 angustior acutis. stam. 6 ineq. incurvis filif. tubo inserta. ov. libero obl. stylo filif. recto, stig. obt. - Type Sc. multiflorus Raf. fol. ligulatis planis acum. scapo tereto, umbella multifl. - Fine plant seen alive in our gardens, native of Florida and Louisiana, it is the blue Crinum of Bartram, Cr. americ. Pursh &c not L. the Agapanthus of our Gardeners, quite different from this African genus. Leaves pedal, one inch broad, fl. inodorous uncial azure blue. The G. ABUMON of Ad. differs only by long tube, he quotes the Crinum 4 L. and figures of Commelin, Breyn, Plukenet which must be verified. Is it the Agapanthus ? Of family ALOIDES (not Crinides) with all the Narcissides that have a free pistil.