Herbert W.
An Appendix
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. . . (extraits) . . . Bulbs of Maritimum are often sent to
this country from America, under the name of Carolinianum, and Pursh says
that it grows on the coast of Carolina and Georgia; but he quotes P.
Verecundum, Hort. Kew. and the plate 5, in Catesby's appendix, which are
certainly not Maritimum. Catesby's Fig. has green leaves, sessile germ, and
petals no adhering to the cup, being either a many-flowered variety of
Hymenocallis rotata ill-represented, or a true and distinct Hymenocallis
Caroliniana, which is a desideratum in our collections. It is quite distinct from the
glaucous Maritimum, which is sent under the name of Carolinianum from the
gardens in America, and perhaps naturalised on the coast. Catesby's
plant grew in a bog near Palluchacula, an Indian town in Georgia, on the
Savanna river, which accords with the habit of H. rotata...
... Verecundum and Zeylanicum require a
cool season of rest; if kept dry in the stove, the bulbs are apt to fret and
perish, but they bear the voyage well and flower immediately after their
arrival, which indicate that the bulbs should be taken out of the hearth and
placed in a cool room. I think it very probable that we shall find them suc
ceed in the open ground or greenhouse in the summer. To this genus pro
bably belong.
. . . Pancratium Maximum. Forskäl. Fl. Aegypt. Arab. 72. with a very large
solitary with flower.