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Pyrolirion Herb. An Appendix 37. 1821.

PYROLIRION. - fiery-lily.
Bulbus ovatus, bulbiferus. Folia angusta suberecta. Scapus uniflo- rus. Spatha bifida ima parte integra? Germen sessile vel pedunculo recte continuatum, media parte crassius. Tubus parte inferiore angustus, cylin- dricus, summa parte ventricosus. Laciniae subaequales apice reflexo. Fila- menta erecta, subaequalia. Antherae incumbentes. Stylus declinatus. Stigma trifidum. Patria. America meridionalis. Species. 1. Flammeum. Ruiz et Pavon. 286. Spec. in Herb. Banks. 2. Aureum. Ib. Amaryllis peruviana. Ker. 3. Flavum. Pavon, spec. in Herbar. Lambert. Bulb ovate, surrounded by offsets (as are also the smooth-throated species of Hippeastrum). Leaves narrow, nearly erect. Scape one-flowered. Spathe bifid, undivided at bottom? Germ sessile, or continued in a straight line from the peduncle, thickest in the middle. Tube narrow and cylindrical in the lower part, ventricose in the upper. Petals nearly equal, with the point bent back. Filaments erect, nearly equal. Anthers incumbent. Style declined. Stigma trifid. Country S. America. Species. 1. Flameum. Ruiz et Pavon. 286.-2. Aureum. Ib.-3. Flavum. Pavon, spec. in Mr. Lam- bert's Herbarium. Observ. The species of this genus are only know to me by the plate and description of Flammeum and Aureum, a specimen of Flam- meum in the Banksian, and of Flavum in Mr. Lambert's Herbarium. It is evident that they form a genus. In the specimens of Flammeum and Flavum the germ is quite sessile; in the plate of Flammeum and Aureum, it is placed on a peduncle more than half an inch long, which is perhaps an error by the artist, as the peduncle is not mentioned in the description.

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