Hippeastrum x johnsoni

H. reginae x H. vittata

September 01, 2004
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Historic, Present

Synonymes :

Amaryllis brasiliensis / bresiliensis

Amaryllis carnarvoni / Carnarvonia

Amaryllis Regia-vittata / Hippeastrum Regio-vittatum

Historical johnsonii

Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Les Liliacées, 1816, Vol. 8, pl. 469.

Alire Raffeneau-Delile (text)

See Redouté's Picture of Amaryllis brasiliensis on Karl King's site.

See the new edition, halas without the original texts:
P. J. Redouté, The lilies. Taschen, Köln, Germany. 2000 (1 Vol.) (En, Fr, De).
In this book, Ute and Dietrich Müller-Doblies identify the plant as H. puniceum!

Amaryllis brasiliensis by Victor

See Redouté's* A. bresiliensis by Victor (engraver)*. [Copy]

Barbara Cotton, Transaction of the Horticultural Society of London, 5, 1824. (or 1820 ?)

See Barbara Cotton's picture of "Hybrid Amaryllis Regia-vittata" on King's page.

See Mrs Cotton's picture of johnsoni in Veronica M. Read's book, pl. 3-1.

A. P. de Candolle, Plantes rares du jardin de Genève, Pl. 9, pp. 30-34, 1825-27.

See De Candolle's B&W picture of Amaryllis carnarvonia on King's site (or in Herbertia 15, 1959, p. 32.) or on gallica.bnf.fr (Text).

"La plante que je viens de décrire est provenue d'une bulbe obligeamment envoyée au jardin de Genève, avec plusieurs autres Liliacées précieuses, par M. le Comte de Carnarvon ; elle étoit provenue dans son jardin de la fécondation artificielle de l'Amaryllis vittata par le pollen de l'Amaryllis reginæ. Je me suis décidé à en donner une figure non-seulement pour faire connoitre une des plus belles plantes qui puisse servir à l'ornement des jardins, mais surtout pour montrer un exemple remarquable d'hybridité.
M. Will. Herbert, frère de Lord Carnarvon, a établi dans son traité sur les plantes bulbeuses..." (p. 32)

Mrs Bury, A Selection of Hexandrian Plants, 1831.

See Mrs Bury's text and picture of Amaryllis Johnsoni on Karl King's site or at the MGB Rare Books Library.

"The prototype is said to have been first raised about the year 1799, from the seed of vittata impregnated with formosissima,by Mr. Johnson [...] and the present specimen is from one of the original bulbs, presented by Mr. Johnson to the late E. Falkner, Esq., of Fairfield, near Liverpool."

(Quote by Worsley 1934, p.54.)

W. Herbert, Amaryllidaceae 1837, p. 142.

"Johnsoni, or Regio-vittatum ; raised by Johnson, who had a small garden in Lancashire, in 1810 ; by me at Mitcham, in 1811, and at Highclere later. Am. Braziliensis, Red. Lil. 8. 469. Am. Carnarvoni. De Candolle. Improperly, since the name Johnsoni had been previously published in the Hort. Trans. and was in general use. Johnson's cross was probably accidental, for he thought it a mule between Vittatum and Sprekelia formosissima, and it passed for such during several years."

Loudon, 1841.

"a person named Johnson who had a small garden at Mitcham in 1810"

(Quote by Worsley 1934, p.54.) Misinterpretation of Herbert!


Present johnsonii

H. Nehrling, Die Amaryllis, 1909.

A. Worsley, Hybridisation in Amarylleae. American Amaryllis Society Year Book, 1, 1934, pp. 52-60.

A. Worsley, The biography of the Hon. and Rev. William Herbert, 1778-1847. Herbertia, 4 1937, 13-27. (p. 20: about the name A. Carnarvonia ; p. 23: about Mrs Bury's johnsoni)

W. Hayward, Louisiana's St. Joseph lily - x Amaryllis Johnsonii. Plant Life, 7 1951, pp. 38-40. (With B&W photo.)

W. Hayward, Old Amaryllis clones. Herbertia, 15, 1959, pp. 31-35.

Hippeastrum x johnsonii
Photos Pierre Chesnais, SFIB.


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Henry Nehrling seeing Johnson's amaryllis in Houston in 1879. (Excerpt of Elizabeth Lawrence's book.)

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